Efficient operation of PV farms

The biggest challenges of our time include climate protection and the energy transition. Utility scale PV systems are a step in the right direction here. That's why we at Weidmüller want to help you in developing photovoltaic energy.

Our product range provides reliable connectivity, protects your plants and offers monitoring solutions. This reduces manual efforts for monitoring, maintenance and servicing. With our innovative product range, you can operate your photovoltaics parks more efficiently and for longer without downtimes. From distribution boxes to monitoring solutions and components of all kinds – our products and solutions meet the highest requirements. We combine our extensive range of components with decentralisation and Industrial IoT solutions.

Optimise Your PV Plant Operation |

Optimise Your PV Plant Operation |

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Weidmüller PV String Monitoring System & Weather Stations

Our offering for large-scale PV systems

A reliable, high-quality partner, we've been active in the quickly growing international market for more than 15 years. This makes us the perfect contact partner for utility scale photovoltaics. With an extended standard warranty of 5 years, we guarantee the best possible quality in our installations. Our extensive portfolio contains all the components you need, so you're sure to find the product that meets your requirements. Our solutions for large-scale photovoltaics are customer-specific, and our global assembly and service locations enable project localisation. Benefit from our full offering for utility scale photovoltaic systems.

Connection & combination

Connection & combination

Our solutions for utility scale photovoltaic systems enable the connection and combination of PV strings or groups of strings from the field.



Our full product range for utility scale photovoltaics offers top protection against voltage surges and contact.



Monitor the string performance and component status of your large-scale PV plant.

5-year warranty

5-year warranty

Trust in the quality of our products for utility scale PV systems with our extended standard warranty of five years.

Sustainable commitment

Sustainable commitment

We stand out thanks to our sustainable commitment and many years of experience in the sector.

Products for ground-mounted photovoltaic systems

Find out about our impressive product highlights. We face your challenges with the perfect combination of innovation and experience. This means that you can rest assured that our range of products for pv parks will meet all of your requirements. Our solutions allow you to operate your plants efficiently with low electricity production costs (levelised cost of electricity/LCOE). With our PV string monitoring system, you can keep an eye on your plant, and our various combiner boxes meet the requirements placed upon them by the most diverse of usage environments. Our products allow you to create utility scale PV plants that precisely meet your needs!

PV DC combiner box

Our PV DC combiner box can be used to efficiently bundle, protect and combine central inverters in PV farms.

PV DC combiner boxes for high-power panels

Our PV DC combiner boxes enable easy connection in PV plants with monofacial and bifacial modules or half-cell modules. The used circuit breakers enable a higher current consumption.

PV retrofit combiner boxes

The installation of our PV retrofit combiner boxes makes it possible to obtain data at string level in PV systems with existing, unmonitored PV-DC generator combiner boxes.

PV floating DC combiner box

Our innovative combiner boxes for floating PV systems combine, protect and monitor DC strings in extreme environmental conditions. We have the perfect solution for your floating plants.

PV AC combiner box

Our PV AC combiner box allows PV string inverters in large PV plants to be combined reliably and cost-effectively.

PV communication boxes

Connect individual power plants of your utility scale photovoltaic system using reliable and secure industrial communication with one of our PV communication boxes.

PV string monitoring system

Our new PV string monitoring system is integrated into the DC combiner boxes of utility scale photovoltaic plants with central inverters. It was developed to monitor the current and voltage of individual strings and to determine the SPD and breaker status in the combiner box of PV plants.

PV weather boxes

Reliable information on all important weather parameters: Temperature, irradiance, wind speed and direction, precipitation, relative humidity, and much more can be permanently recorded.

The perfect solution for every concept

Whatever the concept is for your ground-mounted photovoltaics, we have the ideal solution. Looking for a compact, cost-optimised solution for creating or optimising your central inverter PV plant? Our high-quality DC combiner boxes are the answer. Or perhaps you want to equip your string inverter PV plants with AC combiner boxes that provide reliable, robust protection against voltage surges and short circuits. Our range includes this product, too. And there's more: Our string inverters are really easy to separate from the system when you need to perform thorough maintenance. Inverters, half-cut cell technology and solutions for bifacial modules – our product range can meet all requirements.

Weidmüller PV combiner boxes |

Weidmüller PV combiner boxes |

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Tested & proven

Perfect complements

Our extensive product range contains everything you need for the safe installation and regular maintenance of your utility scale photovoltaics. Our individual modules and products complement each other to provide you with an efficient overall solution. We can offer the right tools to enable a reliable and effortless installation of your photovoltaic plant. Or perhaps you're looking for lightning/voltage surge protection devices for PV applications? Our devices protect your PV plants against all kinds of environmental influences and the resulting voltage surges. Our perfect complements for your utility scale photovoltaic systems – for extra safety and efficiency!

Reference projects

Our past projects show that our large-scale photovoltaics products are really successful in the real world. For example, we've already been able to participate in the installation of a floating solar photovoltaic plant in the Netherlands. Our solutions for floating PV projects have been tested and meet all electronic safety requirements. This helps to ensure that the PV farm will withstand harsh ambient conditions and achieve the long desired lifetime. Because the project has been so successful already, it is planned to increase the number of islands in the future.

Our satisfied customers are the best proof of the quality of our solutions. Here you will find examples of successfully implemented projects.

Our products for PV systems

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions about utility scale photovoltaic systems


Consulting & Support

We can help you to achieve pv parks with more efficient plant operation and lower electricity production costs (LCOE). Do you have any further questions about our products for utility scale photovoltaics? If so, please don't hesitate to contact us! We'll happily talk to you directly to address your questions and find a solution for your concerns. Regardless of the concept you're working with, Weidmüller has the answers to your questions!

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