Terminal blocks for DIN rails: Klippon® Connect as a pioneering solution for connectivity

Increasingly complex production processes and technological leaps as part of Industry 4.0 call for new solutions for more efficient panel building, including for terminal blocks. With Klippon® Connect, you can successfully master all the requirements of today and tomorrow: Tailored application DIN rails products, universal terminal blocks for DIN rails and process-supporting services offer the right solution for every concept.


Quick selection on the topic of terminal blocks

No matter what industry you are in, terminal blocks for DIN rail play a crucial role in the industry. Which design or color of terminal block and which accessories you need depends on different factors. Whether the size of the wire, the wiring, a particular connection technology or a very special function - you know best what kind of terminal block you need. Our shortcuts take you to an overview of our connection technologies and our universal and application ranges. We'll make it easy for you to find exactly the terminal blocks and other products that you need.

Connection technology of our terminal blocks

Are you looking for the right connection technology for your control cabinet or switchgear? In conjunction with our modular terminal blocks, we at Weidmüller offer you a wide range of technologies for safely connecting wires, conductors and cables in the switchgear. You can rely upon our innovative solutions such as SNAP IN technology, which allows the direct connection of flexible conductors and wire-end ferrules. Or rely on our proven screw connection in the screw terminals. Whatever you need, we have the solution. Which technology do you prefer? SNAP IN? PUSH IN connection? Screw connection? Bolt connection or tension clamp connection?

Universal range of terminal blocks

DIN rail terminal blocks are the link between your switchgear and the incoming wires from the field. As such, they're indispensable in industry, whatever the sector. However, terminal blocks are as diverse as the sectors in which they are used. From the most common ones such as feed-through terminal blocks to special types of terminal blocks such as terminal blocks with electronic components - in our extensive universal program you will find exactly the terminal blocks you need for your switchgear. Which terminal type is perfect for you?

Application range of terminal blocks

Are you looking for custom-fit terminal blocks for a specific application? We'll make the search for the perfect terminal blocks as easy as possible. You can search our products not only for specific terminal blocks for DIN rails or connection technologies but also by application type. Naturally, special requirements will need to be met depending on where your terminal blocks are going to be used. Our extensive portfolio includes terminal blocks for all usage areas.

Product news for terminal blocks

Our work is characterised by innovation and progress. We are true pioneers in the field of control cabinet building / switchgear construction. For example, in 1948, we placed the first plastic terminal block onto the market. We've come a long way since then, and we repeatedly launch product innovations to ensure that you can easily master all of the problems you face. With our innovations in the field of terminal blocks and other products, you'll remain ahead of the curve and be able to meet all of the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Klippon® RailSnapper for direct DIN rail installation - Coming soon

The Klippon® RailSnapper: Your key to simple and secure fastening of your DIN rail. The clever click mechanism offers you maximum security for DIN rail mounting.

But that‘s not all - our low installation height allows you to mount with components already snapped on. This allows you to use the entire length of your DIN rail without any restrictions.

No more annoying cut-outs for fixing screws and unused space on your DIN rail. With the Klippon® RailSnapper you can optimize your processes and create valuable space in your cabinet.

Klippon® Connect terminal blocks with innovative SNAP IN technology Produkt innovation

Insulated fine-stranded single wires are simply inserted into the connection point, and the connection point snaps shut with a clearly audible click. Contact is established permanently and reliably. To release the connection, press the pusher. It couldn't be faster or easier.

Terminal blocks - Klippon® Connect-A series with side PUSH IN connection technology

Decentralised systems save space in the control cabinet, but the components have to be installed in small, flat distribution boxes. This leads to new wiring challenges.

The new Klippon® Connect terminal block for DIN rails with lateral PUSH IN connection combine the advantages of PUSH IN and screw connection technology. Wires can be connected without bending radius, without tools This reduces the installation height and increases clarity, as markings and functional areas remain clearly visible even when wired.

Klippon® Connect W2C and W2T Range signal wiring and signal marshalling

Automation in the process industry requires flexible solutions for complex production processes. Your circuit diagrams are no less complex and often undergo changes shortly before the end. With our new range of DCS marshalling terminal blocks you can solve these challenges. Even a „last minute change“ is feasible for you without having to change the wiring you have already done.

Thanks to the single and double-level arrangement of the terminal blocks, combined with the provision of the four basic functions (continuity, disconnect, fuse, ground), you achieve maximum flexibility when connecting your devices wired in the field. We also offer you an alternative to connecting the shield to PE for your potential-free shielding concepts.

Klippon® Connect A-Series high-current terminal blocks with PUSH IN power connection in 185 mm²

The new A2C 150/185... Versions of our high-current terminal blocks are suitable for cross-sections from 25 to 185 mm² and feature the innovative PUSH IN-Power connection technology. This means you can use a single convenient connection system for the entire cross-section range and have consistent access to the wide range of accessories of the Klippon® Connect A series.

Downloads for our terminal blocks

Are you looking for more information about our terminal blocks? All of our documents are available for download. Find out what makes our Klippon® Connect products so special. Our catalogue, available here for download, contains a wide variety of our diverse terminal blocks. Our brochures provide detailed information about our individual solutions.

Consulting & support on the topic of terminal blocks

Whatever industry you come from - with our rail-mounted terminal blocks for the DIN rail and the matching accessories such as screwdrivers or busbars and mounting rails, we offer you complete solutions that meet all your requirements. We are pioneers in the market of switchgear cabinet building and have been convincing customers with our high-quality products for years. Trust in our capabilities and allow our experts to provide comprehensive advice. Together we will find the right solutions for your projects and switchgears