MultiCard, MetalliCard and MultiMark device markers

Our device markers conform to obligatory equipment labelling regulations. In addition, we offer specially designed markers for the devices of all renowned manufacturers. You can label the device markers yourself by means of our suitable software and system-compatible printing systems.

Benefits at a glance



Manufacturer-independent availability for the devices of well-known suppliers



Easy installation with adhesive or clip-on technology



Comprehensive use due to wide range of applications and large variety of sizes and design possibilities

Universal range of device markers

MultiCard and MetalliCard


ESG is the tried-and-tested marker in MultiCard format for use on many well-known electrical devices. The result is high-quality device marking with a high-contrast appearance.
Various types are available for devices from manufacturers like Siemens, ABB, Beckhoff etc.


ClipCard device markers in MultiCard format are used for labelling electrical installations and switchgear systems, and offer an interesting alternative to engraving. Thanks to the proven MultiCard format, labelling is possible with PrintJet ADVANCED and MCP Plotters.


SM is a MultiCard marker for labelling control and signalling devices. The tags are clipped into the carriers or attached by means of the adhesive film already fitted to them. Customised tags can be created with the PrintJet ADVANCED and MCP Plotters.


The DMC markers can be used for labelling switching devices or sub-assemblies. The large (12 x 27 mm) marking surface offers sufficient room for information describing the device and its function. Only one tag size for cable cross-sections from 0.5 - 10 mm² enables use on both multi-core control cables and single cores.


MetalliCards are available in aluminium or stainless steel to meet a wide range of labelling requirements. The chrome-coated aluminium tags are the inexpensive alternative for a variety of applications, and in particular, they prove themselves through the deep contrasts of their multi-colour print.



The multi-colour and multi-format labels have a strong adhesive layer to ensure the best possible adhesion to the underlying surface. Double laminated polyester makes the basic material very thin and yet extremely tear-resistant.

ClipCard MM

Our systematically coordinated product range includes labels for identifying standard components, as well as all purpose and familiar formats: such as the CC 85/54 marker for creating nameplates.

SwitchMark MM

MultiMark device markers can be used with marking materials from different manufacturers. Wherever they are used, they ensure that all components, such as control and signalling devices from different vendors, are clearly assigned.


The endless variations of MultiMark markers make them an economical alternative to conventional tag rails or special labels. For any given width, the length can be precisely configured by the software to match the respective markers perfectly.


The THM labels offer brilliant printing quality thanks to the thermal transfer technology. Different materials and the user-friendly printing system M-Print® PRO under Windows optimise all labelling efforts.

Safety labels

With the neutral safety labels, standard-compliant marking in accordance with ISO 7010 can now be implemented flexibly and easily.

Differences at a glance

PrinterPrintJet CONNECT
MCP Plus2
MCP Basic 2
THM MultiMark
THM MultiMark Plus
SoftwareM-Print® PROM-Print® PROM-Print® PRO
MaterialPolyamide 66, halogen-free
Micro etching steel 1.4301 or
Chromal coated aluminum
PC-ABS, TPU, halogen-free
Temperature range-40 – 100 °C-55 – 130 °C-50 – 90 °C
Fire class acc. to UL 94V2 V2


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Markers as part of Systemised Marking



Intuitive to use and tailored to your needs. M-Print® PRO software makes it easy to import, edit, and manage data.



Constructive solutions for all control cabinet-related applications. From shrink tubing to metal markers.



Ink or thermal transfer - industrial printing systems for every requirement. Designed with a glimpse into the future.