AC SPD-Box – Surge protection for e-mobility and PV

Protect your string inverter or your wallbox from overvoltages on the AC side of your installation. Especially for cable lengths over 10 metres, a compact and flexible solution is required by standards.

Weidmüller offers a quick and easy to install solution to protect the system components. In addition to protection against overvoltages on the AC side, data lines are also protected against harmful voltages



The AC SPD box with integrated PUSH IN connection technology ensures fast connection of the cables to the surge protection and offers high flexibility for use in PV systems and charging stations. It also reliably protects data lines from overvoltage.

  • Quick installation thanks to Push-In technology
  • Use for both charging stations and PV systems
  • Protection of the data lines against overvoltages

Ready-to-install AC surge protection

The AC SPD box is a ready-to-install solution to reliably protect both charging stations from 11-22kW and PV systems against surges. The solution is equipped with Type II AC surge protection and additional surge protection for data cables (RJ45 connection). The compact design with IP65 and a temperature range of -25 to 50 °C is very suitable for outdoor use.

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