Transmission & Distribution

Knowledge and experience are our best assets. Our portfolio covers a wide range of applications: from connectivity solutions ensuring the best tradeoff between safety and flexibility, to outstanding electronic components and analytics to meet the most demanding requirements.

Transmission & Distribution

Contributing to smart grids with high class components

At Weidmüller, we know power utilities are facing many challenges today. Energy transition is a common goal around the globe, and electrical grids play a key role in the decarbonisation targets most of the governments have. Renewable integration, distributed generation, self-consumption, electrical vehicles, etc. will only be possible if electrical grids become smart grids. Smart grids are only possible with digitalisation, communications, cyber-security and analytics. Weidmüller's product portfolio includes first-class products ranging from "smart" connectors to Industrial Analytics. With these solutions, utilities can make their grids smarter while meeting their extremely high reliability and availability requirements.

As a reliable partner for transmission & distribution, our customers can be sure of:

Safety for maintenance personnel

Safety for maintenance personnel

The connections between protection & metering equipment with current transformers may provoke incidents that pose risks to the safety of equipment and personnel. Our aim is to ensure safety on the component side (make-before-break concept), avoiding human mistakes in these critical connections.

Reliable electronic products for harsh environments

Reliable electronic products for harsh environments

We offer a wide range of products meeting the most demanding requirements of Power Utilities: IEC 61850 Ethernet Switches, Class A Quality Analyzers as per IEC 61000-4-30, or Power-Supply family (including UPS) that is being used by international vendors in their solutions for automation of secondary substations, etc.

Industrial analytics for higher added-value services

Industrial analytics for higher added-value services

Smart Metering and Smart Grids allow Power Utilities to have a huge amount of information about their grids. The use of analytics may bring them many improvements in terms of reliability of the grid, quality of the energy, cost savings, safety, etc.

The modernisation and digitalisation of the electrical grids is a key step to achieve the decarbonisation targets of our society. Energy transition is coming and T&D grids are facing major challenges that require smart solutions. At Weidmüller, we are ready to contribute to these solutions with a wide range of different products. Let’s connect!

Pedro Cotoner, Global Segment Manager Transmission and Distribution

Facing market challenges with innovation and passion

Smart Metering

Energy suppliers are increasingly replacing traditional electricity meters with smart meters. At Weidmüller, we have therefore developed many different customised mounting rails that facilitate the replacement and testing of meters while ensuring the safety of equipment and personnel. We also have a comprehensive range of surge protection devices (Type I and II) that are being widely used to protect these newly installed electronic meters.

Distribution automation

Distribution automation is one of the crucial steps of power utilities towards smart grids. Monitoring and automation of secondary substations require reliable and compact products and the Weidmüller portfolio includes several of the key elements required at the “smart” secondary substations. We can provide the power supply back-up system, the LAN/WAN communications devices, surge protection as well as the necessary components for the internal connectivity.

Substation panels and MV switchgears

The protection and control system of a substation requires thousands of critical connections with the primary equipment. Weidmüller's full range of modular terminal blocks and markers offers the best alternatives to connect the different type of signals in a reliable and safe way. Our portfolio also includes a large product family of signalling relays. This enables us to provide the complete range of accessories required for the control cabinets in transformer stations.

Energy Management

From the energy meter to measure power consumption in aubstation panels and MV switchgears to the IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Energy Analyser to measure the quality of energy at the borders of the electrical grid: At Weidmüller we have Energy Management Solutions including not only the main field devices (energy meters and analyzers) but also current transformers, Rogowski Coils, management software, and analytics.

Products and solutions for Transmission & Distribution

Klippon® Connect TTB range for instrument transformer wiring

Product Innovation!

Simple. Fast. Safe.

In Power Substations, the connections between Protection, Control and Metering devices with instrument transformers is critical because is related with the safety of personnel and devices. Our new TTB range of Klippon Connect transformer terminal blocks provides the perfect answer for these connections ensuring simplicity for any connection circuit and safety for people and assets.

  • Forced short circuit mechanism for 100% safe handling (make before break)
  • Unique lever mechanism offering maximum contact reliability and optimal visibility for the operator
  • Captive components (accessories) to increase the reliability during installation and maintenance works
  • Dedicated cross connection channel before and after the disconnect contact for maximum flexibility

Substation Line

Product Innovation!

Ethernet Switches IEC 61850-3 compliant

Ethernet Switches are required in Substation Automation Systems and therefore are installed in the same cabinets as Protection & Control IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices). Accordingly, it is important that the Ethernet switches also become “substation hardened” from an EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) immunity perspective. Our Substation Line perfectly matches all the requirements of Ethernet Switches in T&D assets.

  • Compliance of IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 standards
  • Several available models with different port arrangements; from compact DIN-rail to modular 19” rack devices
  • Redundant power supply in all models and wide operating temperature range from -40 to 85ºC
  • Interfaces up to 10Gbit/s and IEEE 1588v2 (PTPv2) compliance to meet the requirements of the Digital Substation (Process Bus)

Safe connections in protection and metering

Reliable products with the best tradeoff between safety and flexibility

Our mounting rails for measuring instruments can be adapted to any specific requirement. With their help, measuring devices can be replaced and checked with ease, while maintaining the safety of the operating personnel. Moreover, we have specific products to avoid any risk in the critical connections of electronic equipment with current transformers (CT).

These products automatically short-circuit the CT side before the connection is opened ensuring total safety during the maintenance operation.

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